2019 is over, and it brought with its innovative ideas, modern developments, and new initiatives in mobile app development. Here are the roundup technologies of 2019 that were used by several outsource application development agencies like us to develop a stunning site with a good web presence.


Laravel is a perfect choice for building a website for your business. It is one of the most community-supported and community-developed frameworks and is a solid tool ideal for large-scale B2B mobile apps (SAAS industry).


Python is one of the simplest programming languages across the globe. If there is one language that you should use for app creation, it should be Python because it’s good readability and easy-to-learn. It can build desktop and android apps from the scratch.


PHP is a server-side scripting open-source language, which can be used for building dynamic websites, windows, iOS, and android apps.  Other than apps, you can utilize it for image processing, Ecommerce websites, create GUI, etc.


It is one of the leading choices for building mobile apps. Many famous websites use .NET frameworks for their sites like eBay and Amazon. It is very advantageous for business application development as it involves less coding and the code can also be reused.


The language that is evolving a huge pace and is making a big impact on the mobile app development landscape is AngularJS. It simplifies the development of web and dynamic apps and is majorly used for restructuring JavaScript code. It is easy to use making it one of the favorite choices of mobile app developers.


With portability and ability to reuse components, open-source, real-time reload and modular architecture, and generous ecosystem, it is the best language for mobile app development. Nearly 32 thousand websites are developed using the React JS framework.

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