ArchiveSR is our proprietary tool that helps organizations or individuals to Search & Retrieve records of historical information which are systematically arranged and stacked in a standardized way called Archives.

The purpose of archiving historical information plays a vital role for organizations and for researching individuals to get to know about their past history. This historical information’s could be of information related to past performances, culture, hereditary, evidentiary value, to name a few which are used for future references or to get a knowhow.Only the archived information helps us to understand details about our ancestral details and without archives it could have been very much difficult to know about them. Archives could be maintained as a collection of hardcopies or softcopies. An archive helps long term preservation of records having historical information.

Archives maintained as hardcopies are created by proper collection, identification, segregation, filing and storing of records and files. These storing requires secured designated areas. Security can be of physical or through any other access controlling methods such as biometric, access authorized cards etc. while it requires a designated area for storing of hardcopies, it also requires usages of racks/bins and a unique numbering system for sorting, storing and identification of records. Also, maintaining as hardcopies requires rodent and pest controls which if not available will be causing damages to the hardcopies and also controls which requires damages to the hardcopies which may happen due to long storing of the hardcopies or also due to wrong handling when required by the organizations or individuals. There may be also a requirement for the extension of storage area as and when required. While there are so many limitations of maintaining archives as hardcopies, the most important of all limitations are that the replication/reproduction of information and the limitations in the distribution of information whenever and wherever required. When required for distribution, proper handling and transportation of hardcopies are to be ensured and be monitored. Overall, the procedure for identifying, sorting, storing, preservation, handling and maintenance of archives as hardcopies will require considerable cost requirements whenever being used for references.

Archives can also be maintained as softcopies called as digital records. These softcopies are just scanned image representation of the hardcopies stored in a proper structure. This structure is called indexing. Digital records eliminates all the limitations of maintaining hardcopy archives such as, locating designated storage area, requirement of pest and rodent control, damages due to improper handling etc. digital records requires very less space, compared to hardcopy archives, to store the hard disks where the scanned copies are maintained. Scanning standards could be followed to ensure the authenticity of the scripts in the images. This can be produced using combinations of scanning and keying. While the hardcopy images are scanned, the scripts or the information available in the scanned images are keyed such that the contents get enabled as a searchable content. Depending on the level of text accuracy, up to 3 levels of keying and comparing can be done. This can also be facilitated using OCR (Optical Character Recognizer), a third party tool, which enables readable text contents over the images. These readable text contents facilitate the keyword searches where a user wishes to retrieve information stored in the form of digital records. One important benefit of maintaining records as a softcopy is the reproduction of images / records whenever and wherever required at ease. Anyone from anywhere will be able to access any particular information at any point of time.

Understanding the benefits of digitizing historical information in the form of digital records, swift ProSys has developed a proprietary tool called ArchiveSR meaning Archives Search & Retrieval. ArchiveSR provides a holistic solution for organizations and any other users, specifically researchers. With the user control, the search and retrieval can be enabled to any intended user by the organization. The tool has a search field where the information which anyone would like to retrieve can be keyed or typed generating a search result whichever is matching the keyword search with information on the issue date. The result has also option to highlight the exact keyword which has been used as the search term. There is also an advanced search field where additional fields like searching based on date of publications, publication no etc. are available which facilitates the user to narrow down their searches. The user also has the option to download the relevant article through the tool. The resultant values or the contents can be either viewed in the form of PDF or XML using METS/ALTO, a current industry standard used for digitizing newspapers & journals specifically. The tool as a simple and single platform enables hosting of multiple collections you have. Various contents from newspapers, magazines, books, journals can be digitized and be hosted through ArchiveSR which also supports feature to view the native source of contents in the form of images in the background of contents being searched and retrieved. The tool facilitates multi-lingual support and is highly secured with the help of user access control. While ArchiveSR is so swift in retrieval of information, also helps organization to maintain the publishing and indexing of archives in an easier and in a flexible way with no risk or data loss or complexity involved. The tool also helps you to navigate through and to the next or previous article based on the search retrieval information. You will also find options to select the articles individually or as a group for multiple downloads after bookmarking. When the content is retrieved, the tool also displays the metadata information, which was being captured during the production process. The tool is provided to the organizations through SaaS platform based upon subsriptions.

The production process of digitizing contents can also be facilitated by us, whatever be your inputs like images, PDFs, hardcopies etc.