Planning to build some MVC based applications? You have come to the right place. ASP.NET MVC is a web application which was specially designed for web architects. It provides absolute control to you when it comes to building a wonderful MVC based web app. It stands for the acronym Model/View/Controller and works on the model-view-controller pattern. It is mainly employed in industrial settings, for creating applications that have complex and lightweight applications.

It is an open source, cross platform framework of the Microsoft.  It is a part of .Net platform for creating, deploying, and running web applications. It has many amazing features, which make web development secure, fast, and trustworthy. Some of the best features are HTTP Client Factory for handling HTTP client instances, Signal R, Razor UI Class Library, HTTPS for security, GDPR compliance and privacy. You can build your website and web apps using CSS, Javascript, HTML, jQuery, etc. The main reasons why you should use it are Control, testability, light in weight, integration, usability, and API services.

There are many web app development companies in India, which will help you to create your web application from the scratch. Because of the benefits like Separation of Concerns (SoC), friendly towards Search Engines, simplified integration with rich apps on the client side, and test driven development (TDD), MVC is the most widely utilized .net framework for product engineering.

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