iSOS mobile app enables a first ever location based emergency alert and rescue system developed by Swift ProSys. This app can be used by anyone who wants to alert and be rescued by their dears and nears, in case of their emergency. This mobile app can also be used to identify a person of their dear and nears who seeks an emergency support or to identify any emergency service providers such as police stations, fire stations, ambulance services, hospitals etc.

Anyone with a smartphone can download the iSOS mobile app from google play store and provide their valid details. While some of the information could be considered as optional, providing all information will be very much useful at the times of any emergencies. The app functionality requires sufficient credit balances and internet connection to work to its fullest. The credits can be purchased online from the app store or through in app purchases. The app allows the user to add up to6 of their dears and nears whom the person wishes to contact in case of an emergency situation, as their emergency contact. These 6 contacts having this iSOS mobileapp installed in their smartphones will be able to track the current location of the person requiring emergency assistance and reach them faster and rescue them. If the contacts do not have this mobile app installed, only an SMS will be received at the time the person in emergency have to call for an emergency situation. Editing (adding or removing) the emergency contact personal could be done by the user.

An emergency situation could be of anything, but not limited to, sudden physical illness, attack from anyone illegally or involved in any illegal activities, or got into any hazardous or endangered situation. At such situations the user just have to press the power button of their mobile phones five times(customizable with option to 3 times) or the emergency button in the app which sends an emergency alert / message along with the location where the person in emergency is currently located. This alert will be sent to all of the 6 contacts that the user has setas their emergency contact list on this app. This iSOS mobile app also has the facility to identify which of the contact person is very much nearby the person in emergency and informs the nearest contact (rescuer) as “you are the closest” as well as all other contacts about the closest person (rescuer) name and contact number, just in case for anyone to know about the action being taken. The victim will also be able to identify the location of the rescuer. Further, if there is a movement of the person in emergency, for example if the person in emergency is being kidnapped, the location is tracked and updated with the victims’ current location to all of the 6 emergency contacts. This mobile app also notifies the rescuer on the easiest route to reach the victim or the person in emergency. Using this location tracker, the rescuer (contact whoever is close to the person in emergency), will be able to reach the location faster and act upon based on the emergency situation. Once the person is rescued or attended by the rescuer, the rescuer will have the optionto close the emergency situation by intimating everyone that the person has been rescued. This is done by the rescuer by pressing the recover button available in the app. If needed, the rescuer will also be able to identify nearest police station, fire station or ambulance services whichever maybe required to be contacted and help the person in emergency.

The user can also use this mobile app to find the nearest emergency service providers using the additional facilities available in the app. These additional services includes but not limited to, finding nearby police stations, hospitals, car repairs, ambulances, petrol stations, ATMs, railway stations, bus stands, doctors, pharmacy etc. There are pre-loaded numbers available in this mobile app which enables the ease of using these additional functions. The app also has facilities to provide mobile theft alert whenever your mobile is stolen and someone else is trying to use your mobile.The mobile theft alert is a useful function whereby anyone could get notification to their alternate number and to their registered email id about the current location of their lost mobile, notification on sim changes on any of the dual sim slots of the mobile (for a two slot mobile phone) etc. We can also provide on demand services on locating your mobile, if lost. To enable mobile theft alert, the users are need to enable mobile theft alert settings by providing alternate mobile number and email address in this mobile app.

iSOS mobile app is an android based smartphone app which works better with android version 4 and latest android versions. The app works over other app when on emergency provided it is enabled to do so while installing the app. Customizing and app settings are quiet easy and made user friendly. While the default language is English the user has the feasibility to change it to any of their Indian regional language. The user has the option to cancel the service or uninstall the app any time upon which the balance credit amount is refunded after a deduction on maintenance and service provided and after a stipulated period of time. The data available and stored in our app database strictly follows ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System Standards. The app works in conjunction with other products such as google maps, sms etc. To enjoy the fullest function of the app, you are required to have a very good internet connection and sufficient sms credit. sms / alert will be sent only based on the available credits.