OnlineDE (Online Data Entry) tool is a proprietary data capturing tool developed by Swift ProSys, which enables the organization to assign tasks and also obtain data from historical records.

Historical records, as the terms identify, are past information related to birth, death and marriage of people in a particular county which were recorded manually in a register that is usually dated back to 18th & 17th centuries and even before that. The national archives of the UK government have all these registers being maintained for centuries which are required for dated back-references. These registers or records help people in identifying their hereditary.

Online_DE tool is a production environment which also includes a workflow management system to assign and track the work being executed. While the keying operators can see the scanned images of the registers/records, the project manager will be able to assign jobs and tasks to the appropriate level of personal. Roles can be assigned by selecting appropriate reals, registers and records based on the requirement. As being a workflow management system, the managers can able to see what batches have been assigned, to whom and at what level the production process is withheld. The information to this tool can be pulled from a database. The workflow management system environment also has options to assign records/registers for rework depending on the level of quality obtained in the first time keying process (Key 1). Apart from the overall status, the managers will also be able to identify user wise and reel wise production status. This helps the managers to take account of the overall inventory and the status of what is completed, what is pending and what are all in work in progress and at which level. Sometimes there may be a need for partial allocation of particular images within a reel. The tool facilitates this function as well.

The tool also acts as a temporary repository which holds the images for a certain period of time based on the requirements. The photos are bunched or collated together based on their register name. These images are organized within a folder which carries the batch name. Managers can select batch and bunch to view the images added to each of the registers. The bunching of images can be done by selecting the range of images, expanded from the reels, and bunching them by providing a batch name, category and the form type.

OnlineDE enables the mangers, also to monitor the rework status. For any clarification that may be raised during production, the managers have options in the tool to search for a particular image and retrieve it, for further assessment, instead of navigating to each of the reels and registers. The production dashboard displays information on the status of records completed; WIP and unallocated based on the user and also based on the process. It helps the managers to take actions accordingly, such as reallocate the jobs to other users/keying operators.

The dashboard for the keying operator list the reel name, form name (birth records, death records, marriage records), register name, completed images, total images, the keying type (whether it is a Key 1 or Key 2) and the overall status of the register and also options to keyboard, for whose status are marked as “pending”. Whey, the keying operator, selects “Fetch”, Online_DE opens the images corresponding to the register. Remember, these are collated earlier by the mangers. Now, the keying process (production process) can be done. There will be fields for the keying operator to type the year of register/record, and personal details such as forename, initial, surname, mother’s maiden name and any notes for further references. The tool also has an option that when selected, suggests appropriate names when the keying operator tries to type in a name as per the record. These suggested names are stored in a library which is being updated whenever the keying operator types in a new name. The zoom option enables the operator to maximizes or minimize the images for proper reading of the content.

Depending upon the form type, Online_DE modifies the no. of fields that ensures the operators just to key only the required content. Once all the fields in the form are completed, the record is auto-submitted, and the user will now be able to move to the next record/register. If some of the fields are blank or without any information, when the operator moves to the next log, the tool prompts a warning message that fields are empty. It ensures that the operator is not missing any of the field to be keyed.

The keyed-in information can be stored or retrieved in a database or can be exported as an Excel or CSV file depending upon the requirement.

The admin control of the tool lets the admin/project managers add or remove Key / QC users and also to modify user credentials. The admin will also be able to identify who all the users are working with the tool – online and what role they have been assigned. Reports of users’ login details can also be retrieved from this tool. This will help the managers to analyze and identify if there would be any complex registers any user has been assigned with and to further take action upon these complex jobs.

The tool also has the option to perform QC by designated operators to check and ensure that the keyed in the content are meeting the required quality levels. The QC operator will be able to overwrite the keyed text. However, all corrections will be saved as a separate log file by the tool for any future references.