Application Delivery Management & Enhanced Services

We have implemented rigorous processes that deliver six sigma levels of quality and complying towards ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems requirements. These processes form our product lifecycle for the development of a new software product from conceptualization to new upgrades. We deploy recognized project management methods – be it a waterfall method where you are clear about the product requirements, and any agile model when you may need to have an iterative development and deployment of your products, and latest tools and technologies. We are old in the establishment but still young in coping up with new appliances, techniques & methodologies. We always have a long term association with any of our customers.

Based on your requirement, we can agree for a fixed-bid contract or an extended team / time & materials contract whichever would be the best to meet your business demands.

Partnering with us

Our team is well competent with the latest cutting edge technologies on developing desktop-based, web-based and mobile-based applications. With roots of experience as a software solution provider, we will be working with you to reach your goal. We can engage with you as a project-based or as an extended team to ensure that your innovations will realise. We will ensure that we are your best business partner.

01. Goal Seeking

We understand that specifying requirements are not just that easy. We will collect elements from your story, ensuring to provide solutions to your problems and support to realize your ideas and vision. We work with you to achieve your strategic goals.

02. Proposal Process

Once agreed with the product and project scope, we will work to estimate the overall effort it would require to create builds and any supporting services that you may be expecting. Based on the determined efforts, we will work out and share you a very competitive proposal specifying our approach and solutions with a budget and timeline. We are always negotiable.

03. Contracting

After your agreement on our proposal, we will sign a formal contract. Trust us! You are in good hands. If the scope would not change during the project, we will propose a fixed price contract, and when we see that the range is dynamic and progressive where the development would be iterative and incremental, we will offer a budget based on time & materials contract.

04. Product Building

Our development starts with a pre-development analysis where there would be team debriefing, preparation of working tools and environment and assessment of appropriate configuration management system.

Project Lifecycle

Our project lifecycle starts with conceptualization, where we work with you in understanding your requirements to define an agreeable scope for the project. The extent will be including both the product requirements (characteristics and features of the product) and project requirements such as communication requirements, delivery requirements etc. Our product development process involves product breakup study, coding configurations & compilations (ensuring coding standards) code/unit level testing, building level testing, smoke testing / UAT. We guarantee all product functional and non-functional requirements are delivered as agreed. Our testing process is uncompromised that ensure our products work in all intended user environments.


Once you confirm the User Acceptance Testing (UAT), we organize to deploy the software product to the required build environment as appropriate and also provide the demo or training based on the final product with necessary documentation support. Our internal project transition ensures the project knowledge, and relevant documents vare archived as lessons learned which we will be using for future similar projects, and at least two people will be trained on your project to provide any immediate support. For continued enhancements, the project will move to maintenance mode, and dedicated human resources will be allocated to resolve any concerns.

Project Management

A well-experienced project manager will manage the project by using proven project methods such as Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, etc., whichever would be appropriate for the project. All our process are in a well-matured level that ensures mitigation of any risks on product delays and product failures. Depending upon the scope of work, our project management professionals could work with any of the proven project management methodologies.

If we agree upon an end product to be delivered, the scope could be finalized even during the project initiating stage. This scope finalization enables us to choose the waterfall method where we could develop the product as per the scope either in a single phase or multiple phases, depending upon the requirement. Once the product is developed, we send it to you for UAT after completing all our testing.

If the scope of the project is dynamic and iterative, or your preferences would be expecting interim deliverables, we will choose appropriate agile project management method. We will be breaking down the projects to smaller chunks of modules and build the components of the products which will test with you. This way, we could avoid the risk of project delays and any quality issues that we may foresee.

Support and Services

Fixed cost

For new product/application developments and enhancements of existing products, we will be allocating a dedicated team who will be in touch with your representative in understanding and building the products. Typically we will be proposing a fixed price contract where you will be paying only for the agreed cost and nothing extra even when there is a delay on project completion. A fixed fee is the most beneficial contract for you when the product requirements are precisely determined, and the scope will be finalized during the project initiating stage and where there would be no changes in the scope during the project.

Extended Resources on T & M

Sometimes, you may require additional support even after the product/service delivered. You may request us to provide a maintenance service for the application we have developed for you to continue on the existing project. In this case, we can provide you with a dedicated team who will be responding to all your support and enhancement requirements in coordination with the core coding team. For this extended team support, we could agree for a time & materials contract, where you will be paying only for the amount of time our developers or the support team is working on your projects and nothing extra, ensuring project continuity.