Your Handy Reader

Swift eBook Reader is an android based application developed by Swift ProSys that eases the use of reading books online by enthusiastic readers.

There are so many active readers who while on their long travel to the workplace or flight; train etc. want to get engaged in reading book. Books while they also share knowledge and provide more information, it is also considered as one of the best travel companions for anyone travelling alone. Many people around the world have a love for reading, and even they have their private libraries at their home. They have a massive collection of books which are in general maintained as hard copies. There are many limitations to maintaining hardcopy books.

These include but not limited to:

  • Cost of hardcopy books is more compared to digital copies as it considers the print & paper cost and publication cost, which provides for logistics as well.
  • They are carrying more books while on travel is quite not possible. Only limited editions can be taken by a person. And so, there is a chance that you would not be able to carry all of your favorite collections.
  • Maintaining hard copy books requires additional care and cost as it needs to be protected from damages while handling and form pests while storing the books.

The advantages of ebooks or digital books include but not limited to:

  • Low cost as the publication cost is very low compared to printed books
  • You can carry any no. of books, all of your favourites, and can read it through any ebook readers. All your ebooks can be stored in any of your android devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • There is absolutely nil maintenance cost for the books you have purchased
  • Using the eReader app, you can bookmark contents
  • The eReader app also enables you to highlight selected contents for future references
  • You will also be having the option to increase or reduce the font sizes
  • Many ebook readers have the option to play audio and video files which are embedded to the ebooks.
  • There is a Read Aloud option which reads the text displayed in your devices screen so that the reader, instead of reading, can hear the text.
  • There is also Text To Speech options which highlight the words/lines/ paragraphs which the eReader reads with aloud function.
  • You can also have links for relevant keywords which may be useful for a dictionary search.
  • All your books can be carried in one single device of yours be it any android mobiles or tablets.

Ebooks, in general, are the digital version of the printed or print-ready formatted books which are published by various publishers, as digital formats, through their online stores or through third-party sales channels such as Amazon. These digital books are usually called as epubs. Epubs are the widely used ebook format being supported by almost all of the eReaders. Epub is an electronic publication format, a technical standard published by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum).

The latest version is the epub3, which is an XML-based ebook format being supported in many hardware readers. Epub files are built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 stylesheets as similar to website building. This format also supports features just like any other HTML webpages such as interactivities, audio and video embedding interactive internal and external linking etc. There is another Amazon proprietary eBook format called as Mobi file which are supported only by the Amazon developed hardware called as Kindle devices, and these devices do not support IDPF compliant epub files.

There is also another simple and widely used eBook format called the PDF (Portable Document Format). It is very simple to create and all the features of an ePub are possible to be provided. Also, PDF formats retain the original print layout and are created from the print output. These are usually low res PDF files with bookmarks, internal and external links and searchable text contents. Being low resolution, it is very easy for the eReader to load or open the files in a shorter time, as it occupies only a lesser space in the storage device. An eBook reader, in general, is a desktop-based or mobile-based application that are used to read books and magazines which are in the digital format on the go. eBook readers are software application mostly for android devices that enables users to read eBooks online.

These applications will have a built-in library that stores all of your purchased books. A reader can anytime access the library and open the book anytime that they have purchased. You will also be having options to download books from local server, device or the cloud. eBook readers also have options to read aloud text, highlight text contents, option to bookmark, audio and video players etc.

Swift eBook Reader is one such software application compatible with android devices to read eBooks online. It can be downloaded for free of cost from Google store. It supports eBooks in epub and pdf formats which are widely being used in the digital eBook market. Swift eBook reader has a library where you can store all of your purchased books. You can download the eBooks from the cloud of Google drive, dropbox or from your mobile device itself and have it stored in the library of Swift eBook reader. The proper formats for this eBook reader are it should be either in an epub or pdf format, and no other formats are acceptable. Please ensure while you are purchasing the eBooks online. Swift eBook reader application has also preloaded with some free eBooks both in epub and pdf formats. Users can download these ebooks at free of cost and enjoy reading. Swift ProSys can also undertake services for converting publishers print products to digital eBook formats.