SwiftMark is a unique tool developed by Swift ProSys that helps evaluators to record their marks or scores allotted to students for a particular subject. Schools & Universities were conducting periodical examinations to assess the knowledge gained by the students in each of the subjects they learn over time. Students are required to write answers, in the exam, based on the question paper given to them. These answers were written in the answer sheets. Now, the answer sheets are anonymously given to various teachers/assessors for evaluation. Over the answer sheet, a slip is attached which will be having information about the question number and space for the evaluators to write up the answers they award to each of the questions answers based on their best judgement. This slip will also be having a unique number assigned to each of the student called the number on roll, to track the marks obtained by the student even at a later point of time. Again, it will require a huge overhead to store the evaluation slips, answer sheets etc., for a certain period of time as may be decided by the appropriate educational institute.

To overcome these constraints, the SwiftMark tool comes as supporting software which can scan the answer sheets and the assessment slip, store it as images and also have options to report / record marks and evaluate the same based on the decisions taken by the evaluators. The tool can be used by various types of users starting with a data entry operator, first-level evaluator, second-level evaluator etc. It also has inbuilt magnifier for the data entry operator or the evaluator to magnify a particular portion of the image for text legibility. The tool also has zooming options which can expand or reduce the size of the image. Additionally, the device also has a comment button which enables the data entry operator or any evaluator to put their comments in general or specific about a question. For example, if the data entry operator doubts the marks awarded by the assessor, they can put it in the comment box with question number and details of doubt. It will be available to the evaluator for them to review and take actions on the comments as may be decided. The tool also results in the total mark, based on the marks awarded by the assessor, data entry operator or any of the evaluator. It also results in the auto count of the scores, i.e. the maximum mark a student can get in a subject. It is a validation built in the tool which for example, if a question section has three questions carry 5 marks each and the student is requested to answer only any of the two questions, the maximum allowed mark will be 10. In case the student mistakenly have written answers for all the three questions, and the assessor has also awarded marks for all the three questions by mistake viz 4, 5, & 3 respectively, the tool considers the highest of the marks obtained by the students. In this case, it will find 4 & 5 and will ignore 3. However, the total score will sum 4, 5 & 3. Hence there will be a mismatch reported. This mismatch will prevent the data entry operator or any of the evaluator from submitting the scores until the difference between the total mark and the auto count is tallied.

The processes in “SwiftMark” will allow the data entry operator to log in the tool using their credentials. Once logged in, the operator can select the subject for which they want to record the scores obtained. Once the subject/script is selected by a double click, the image of the answer book along with the evaluation slip opens. Reading the information and using the magnifier and zoom features, the operator can record the result for each of the questions in the defined field. Once the marks/scores are entered, the operator can tally the total marks and auto count. The operator can also use the comment feature to note down and remarks that they may want to inform the evaluators. The operators are also guided by the maximum mark feature which lists the maximum mark that could be awarded to a particular question. If the mark/score entered by the operator is greater than the maximum mark that could be awarded, the tool reports this as an error with the list of questions that have marks higher than it should be, and the operator should be able to resolve this before they could submit the script. The operator should also ensure that no score filed is left blank but at least to be filled as NA for whichever is applicable. Once the script is submitted, it cannot be edited further by the operator.

Now, the evaluator one can log in using their credential in the SwiftMark tool, and validate the answer and will be having options to edit the scores/marks that has been previously provided by the operator. For quick reference, SwiftMark will display the answer sheets as a thumbnail image on the right-hand side which the evaluator can easily navigate for rechecking and recording a new score. Similar to the operator, the evaluator one will also be required to ensure the scores awarded do not exceed the max score and also the auto count and total marks are tallying. The evaluator 1 has to record their validation confirmation by selecting the blue boxes which turn to green as a confirmation that this question number is evaluated.

Once done, this is submitted for the next evaluator to validate and confirm again. When a 3rd evaluator selects a script, apart for their evaluation confirmation the difference on scores between evaluator 1 and 2 is also displayed for them to validate and confirm.