It’s no secret that every mobile phone user LOVES apps. They are constantly on the lookout for the coolest and newest – mainly when it comes to the best hybrid mobile app design. The issue is, we see numerous apps daily, and bespoke application development companies are doing their best to come up with apps that enhance mobile experiences.

Here are some of the best app designs of 2020, which are creating waves in the app market.


Houseparty is a video messaging app that enables users to connect with their friends in the form of live video chats. With this app, you can set up meetings spontaneously when you want to chat with your buddies.  It shot up to fame especially after worldwide lockdown as people are forced to stay inside. The key feature that separates it from other video messaging apps is that the users have absolute control over when others can contact them. This app is designed especially for mobile use.


Plexamp is a new music app from Plex.  It links up with your Plex Media Server and streams music. It is loved by many as you can control your music quality way in a better way than other apps. Also, the UI isn’t flashy, but it’s simple and functional with just the perfect amount of small touches to make it look good. Currently, it is in beta form and only available for Plex pass users.


This app helps you to find nearby doctors on your health insurance plan and reserve appointments from your phone. Once you sign up, you can add your insurance details manually or scan your card. The app looks slick with a modish, vibrant design that makes the experience of scheduling hospital visits less tiring. It even stores your appointment history appointments and offers recommendations for future ones, so you can stay updated with your health history.

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