Mobile Applications have become an integral part of our life. There are new apps being created everyday and introduced to the market by every mobile app development company . Before starting into developing Mobile Apps, we need to get a better knowledge about the type of mobile apps.

The Mobile Apps can be categorized by three basic types,

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps

Native Mobile Apps:

Native Mobile Apps are created to function only on particular Mobile Device Operating Systems like Android, iOS or Windows. An app developed for iOS can be used with an iOS device only, this app will not function with an android device.

The advantages of choosing a Native Mobile app is, it has enhanced user experience and faster in performance.

Hybrid Mobile Apps:

Hybrid mobile apps development process is fast and easy to develop. As the name says, Hybrid is a combination of native and Web based apps. Apps developed in this category feels like a native app but they are developed using multi platform technologies. Hybrid Apps can be used across all mobile devices like Android, iOS and Windows.

Hybrid Mobile Apps are low-cost maintenance and take low cost on development too.

Web Apps:

Web apps are responsive websites which switch according to the device used by the user to access the app. Web applications require less memory from the device compared to other apps since they can be accessed using mobile browsers.

The app can be viewed from an Android device or iOS or Windows or tablet devices or Desktop Computers. Web apps are developed using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and similar programming languages. It can cut down costs on development.

Based upon knowing the kind of app you want to develop, who will be the users for the application, the development team skills, budget for developing the app. You can decide upon the type of mobile app to be used for the bespoke application development.

What are you waiting for? Hire a Mobile App development company today and build your mobile app today!

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