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UnivGURU is a proprietary android app developed by Swift ProSys, enabling education institutes such as universities and students, explicitly engineering students, to gather additional information about any particular subject and track their progress during the course period.

Throughout the academic, engineering students are finding difficulty in understanding their syllabus. They are not clear on what to read, how to read, which book to be referred and any reference materials etc. currently available eLearning method and ebooks are not synchronized to the syllabus books. Students learn the same concept / subject in two different methods. Students’ self-evaluation and measurable outcomes are also missing. So until the semester exams, students are not assessed, and they are not clear on what level of knowledge they have gained in a particular subject / chapter. Also, students find it difficult on carrying the hardcopy of the books due to its weight and the probability of the hardcopy books getting damaged and even getting lost.

Moreover, there are no established methodologies for universities to assign questions to track the student’s knowledge. Before appearing for the university exams, students also do not have any idea of their expertise and on which subject they should be improving further. There is also no possibility for a collaborative study such as sharing information with other college or university students on a particular topic. To summarize on the current problem, due to non-relevant course materials and just depending on the semester result, there is no improvement in the students’ knowledge, no understanding by the lecturers on students’ knowledge gained level and no 100% result obtained by universities by the end of the course completion, student’s placement & brand establishment etc. The seeking solution is that students prefer to have an effective course material that could not deviate their understanding on the subject being learnt, lecturers could create their own quizzes for students assessment to understand their knowledge level and improve their method of teaching and through these approaches, universities will establish a 100% placement results. In the traditional way of teaching the lecturers do not know about the level of knowledge gained by the students. The semester results do not aid the lecturers as the subject will not be taught again in the upcoming semester.

UnivGURU overcomes all these limitations. For the students, this app ensures that the students understand the course syllabus, and synchronizes any reference materials. There is also a self-assessment at the end of the chapter that helps the student to determine their level of understanding on a particular subject. Through this app, students have it handy on the synchronization of related course materials/contents that will yield a better result to them. They can also post questions and clarifications in social QA to get their questions answered by their peers. Students get to understand the subjects and could easily access related online materials such as ebooks and videos. Further, through the chapter-wise self-assessment, they could improve their knowledge on the subject and score relatively high and improve on the chapter that they are not up to the mark. For lecturers, this app ensures them to concentrate more on the subjects which students find difficult. It is also very much helpful to identify the slow learning students and focus on them more and improve them further. They can also assign quizzes at the end of every chapter through the student’s assessment panel where these students’ self-assessments are useful to understand the knowledge gained by the student group and individual student that could be used to improve their teaching methods. For universities, students getting more knowledge referring to related reference materials, social Q&A, chapter-wise self-assessment, which enhances their experience and generates targeted results. By improving the teaching standards and that the students are achieving higher results and getting placed, the brand of the university increases in the market.

UnivGURU is an android app that works well with a 10inch Android Tablet (10 Inch preferred for better rendering). This app consists of the academic syllabus as prescribed by universities, academic & reference materials as eBooks & eLearning videos that could be accessed online. The app also enables students to do a self-assessment for every chapter and lecturers to create quizzes to the students where these are stored in a centralized database that generates measurable outcomes or Students Performance Reports. These performance reports can be assessed by the concerned lecturers and department heads and the students as well to evaluate the student performance on each subject or chapter and improve further. Other additional features of the app include, but are not limited to:

  • Bookmarking pages for easy navigation to relevant topics and pages
  • Highlighting essential texts such as keywords and phrases with text highlighter
  • Retrieving contents using Keyword Searches
  • Writing & Saving notes for future references and also with possibility of sharing to peers
  • Taking photo of class whiteboard and tagging/storing to a particular heading or chapter
  • Raising questions to lecturers and peers connected through social Q&A and getting wide responses
  • Taking up self-assessment quiz for each chapter assigned to students
  • Participating in live quiz conducted by lecturers in the classroom