Rapid Application Development (RAD) comes under agile software development methodology which can be followed for the bespoke application development. As the name says, In RAD, applications are developed rapidly by performing many iterations. Unlike the waterfall model, where a lot of time is spent in the planning phase, Rapid Application development focuses on developing rapid prototypes.

The phases involved in Rapid Application Development are:

  1. Defining project requirements;
  2. Prototype;
  3. feedback gathering
  4. Finalize product.

Defining Project Requirements:

In The First phase of RAD, developers, stakeholders discuss the requirements, goals, budget of the project.

The problem which needs to be addressed is discussed and the finalization of the requirements is completed in this phase.


Once the requirements are finalized, the bespoke application development of the product starts in this phase. The developers rapidly create more prototypes. This step is repeated whenever there is a need throughout the project cycle.

Feedback Gathering:

In this stage, feedback is collected for the prototypes from the clients. With the new ideas and changes from the clients, the prototype is again goes into development until the desired output is done. The Prototype and Feedback Gathering is repeated until the finalization of the product.

Finalize Product:

The Final stage where rigorous testing is done and ensuring that the product meets up to clients expectations. The functions and design of the product is finalized here.

The Advantages of Rapid Application Development is the time taken for the development process is reduced, which makes a great option to choose for the project which needs to be delivered within a short span of time.

The Productivity of the team is increased and it takes only small teams to work. Requirements can be changed at any time, after each prototype inspection, the clients can change their requirements and incorporate it in the next prototype development.

RAD is extremely suitable for the fast paced work environments with the right team to cooperate. Get your application developed with Rapid App Development from the best Mobile App Development Company.

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