Making plans for a project can sometimes be mind-boggling. Since there are endless frameworks, programming languages, libraries, and APIs available, custom web development company can easily become intimidated by the sheer number of choices to choose from. The needs related to programming languages are unique to each project. However, there are some factors you need to keep in mind while choosing a programming language for your project like ability to work cross platform, easy to learn, and security.

What is Python?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language. It is a very simple and easy to learn language with less program maintenance cost. It is one of the famous programming languages along with C, C++, and Java, C, and C++. It is largely utilized and cherished equally among startups, blue-chip companies like Google, Netflix, and Quora, etc., and government agencies like NASA.

Some of the key reasons why many offshore web development company in India uses Python to develop their product are,

Simple to read

Python utilizes spacing as a substitute for braces and other special characters to denote starting and ending of programming constructs. Owing to this, it provides readability as a built-in feature. Moreover, the use of spaces makes it really simple to update a project in Python. You can simply check its code and make the required modifications, even if it is new to them.

Boosts speed to market

Python works wonders for both prototypes and products mainly when you want to market it as soon as possible. For a business, it offers faster ROI and an opportunity to tweak the product based on feedback from users.


Python is a robust and well-designed language. For any web app development company in India who is trained well in Python can grasp it quickly to build user-friendly products.


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