In this technology era, the development of web apps has become an important task for every company. Numerous web app development companies in India use Angular JS as the key framework to develop simple, feature-rich, yet attractive websites.

Have you ever thought, why is it so famous? Why do many custom web development companies pick Angular JS when there are other choices available? And what are the key benefits of Angular JS?

Here are 5 major reasons why Angular JS is widely preferred for web development.

Two Way Data Binding

Data binding is the main factor why many offshore web development companies in India prefer Angular JS. It is the automatic data synchronization between the model and the view components. It stores the information and related schemata in a manner that data is stored only once and not repeated. This keeps your apps safe from bugs.

Minimal Coding

AngularJS uses less coding when compared to other frameworks. Its data models are simpler to write and don’t require getters or setters. It is very easy to manipulate the data utilizing filters and you won’t need any modifying controllers.

Similar to MVVM Architecture 

AngularJS doesn’t perform MVC in the usual way but rather operates closer to the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture. This lays a solid base for application design and development.

Easy Testing

 In AngularJS, the complete JavaScript code needs to sustain a series of tests that make testing almost a default function. With this feature, you can start from scratch and test every part of the apps without any hassle.

Quick Development

If you are a quick learner, you can learn Angular JS in no time. Once you feel easy working with it, you can see that the overall development time and efforts you need is less.

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