For millions of businesses across the globe, the COVID-19 outbreak has been a financial ruin, but there are some parts of the technology industry that are getting benefitted by this sudden economic shift.

In the past few years, the cloud computing market has seen a spike, especially during this quarantine period. The employees that are confined to their homes find themselves with huge workloads that have to be moved to the cloud to make sure the business can run as usual. This is forcing many cloud-based and SaaS-based companies to go through a very quick digital transformation project to adapt to the cloud and mobility trends.

The companies that were not digitally sound are flocking to react to native development companies to develop their own SaaS platforms. The SaaS providers are in cloud nine as their demand has increased significantly. Its agility, flexibility, and the ease of provisioning makes it an ideal fit for the current uncertainty. This is why custom web development companies are sought after in this uncertain condition.

With SaaS technology, crucial information can be saved in a centralized location that can be accessed by all authorized users, irrespective of their location. Also, new users can be included and be up and functioning in just a few seconds, and the number of users can be increased or decreased, based on requirements. This means that remote teams can work faster, and they get more revolutionary outcomes because they can check out more ideas as they work on their product innovation anywhere, anytime.

This transition to remote working has lead to a  sudden increase in demand for collaboration solutions from top website development companies. The share prices of SaaS providers are skyrocketing after the quarantine as the demand for SaaS solutions especially around productivity and collaboration are rising.

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