Python is the most famous coding language, which is used by many website development companies. It is suitable for every type of web project be it simple or complex. Many renowned companies like Spotify, Instagram, and Disqus use it in their technology stacks.

Some may think that Python is a little bit old-fashioned since it has been around since the ’80s, but it has sustained all these years because it works well. If you still have doubts about why you should use Python, let’s start by having a look at its best features.

Easy to learn

Try asking developers what programming language is easiest to learn and the majority of them will say Python. It is perfect for rookies who don’t know anything about coding. Its dependence on whitespace and common expressions reduces a lot of programming fat, allowing you to perform more with fewer lines of code.

Less code

Web development using Python is quite simple as you can easily achieve more tasks with fewer lines of code. If you know the basics, you can develop a rudimentary game in just 2 days. Python is particularly famous among mobile app development companies because of its efficiency and efficiency.

Ideal for building prototypes

As already said, it takes less time to develop a product with Python when compared with other programming languages as it uses fewer lines of the code. Keeping that in mind, when you want to create ideas and prototypes swiftly, Python is surely the way to go.


When React Native development companies select the programming language for their projects, they choose the one that they feel most comfortable with. This ultimately comes down to their own expertise and preferences. Python is ideal for startups as it makes everything easier and quicker.

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